What is Plasmolifting technology?

  • Pioneering work of Russian scientists that is recognized and appreciated by many healthcare professionals;
  • Innovative technique of autologous plasma injection into human tissues;
  • Natural and safe way to boost tissue regeneration;
  • Scientifically proven method of treatment and prevention of many diseases. It is widely used in aesthetic medicine, trichology, traumatology, orthopedics, urology, dentistry, gynecology and other branches of medicine.


Plasmolifting technology is:

  • Natural: autologous plasma is obtained from patient’s own blood and does not come into contact with the external environment, thus excluding the possibility of infection of both the patient and healthcare professionals;
  • Safe: the obtained plasma is free of foreign chemicals, so the risk of rejection, allergic reactions and side effects is minimized;
  • Effective: the desired therapeutic outcome may be achieved after just few first treatments. The recovery period after the injures and surgery is reduced by half, the period of clinical remission is prolonged;
  • Versatile: autologous plasma is used in many areas of medicine, both alone and in combination with other treatments;
  • Relatively painless: injections of autologous plasma are relatively painless and do not require much recovery time.


Welcome to Plasmolifting™!

Renat Akhmerov, Sc.D.,   Roman Zarudy, Ph.D.,
Plasmolifting™ technology developer   Plasmolifting™ technology developer