The use of the specialized vacuum tubes is one of the key factors in ensuring efficacy and safety of the procedure performed with our technology. Only the PlasmoliftingTM tubes developed and patented by our company allow to obtain high-purity autologous plasma with therapeutic properties, significantly increasing treatment efficacy.



PlasmoliftingTM tubes:

  • contain an anticoagulant (heparin sodium), which prevents blood coagulation and inhibits platelet aggregation;
  • are classified as Class II medical device, i.e. plasma obtained with use of these tubes can be returned or injected into the body;
  • contain a thixotropic gel that separates supernatant plasma/platelet suspension from the cellular components and allows to obtain autologous plasma of great therapeutic value.



Substances contained in the PlasmoliftingTM tubes:

  • allow to obtain autologous plasma suitable for injection into the body;
  • provide an adequate platelet adsorption and concentrations within the therapeutic range;
  • form a well-defined barrier that prevents mixing plasma with packed RBC;
  • do not affect the autologous plasma composition.



  • Materials used to manufacture PlasmoliftingTM tubes as well as the substances contained in the tubes allow to obtain autologous plasma suitable for injection into the body. The upper and middle parts of the tube interior wall are coated with a thin anticoagulant layer (a sodium salt of high purity low-molecular-weight heparin).
  • The patented separator gel forms a solid barrier between the red blood cells and plasma during centrifugation.
  • PlasmoliftingTM tubes comply with quality standards and meet all relevant Russian and international statutory and regulatory requirements (Russian registration certificate № FSZ 2008/01447 issued on May 24, 2010; classified as Class II medical device according to the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/ЕЕС; ISO 13485 certificate and CE marking).