Photos before and after

The best evidence of clinical effectiveness are the before and after photos of patients treated with autologous plasma obtained using Plasmolifting technology.


den before den after
Before After

Single dosing of autologous plasma. Results observed at day 10 after treatment.



Diagnosis: Alopecia circumscripta

triho1 triho2 triho3
Before After
Four months after a set of injections (four treatments with autologous plasma)



Diagnosis: Psoriasis

dermatol1 dermatol2
Before After

After four injections of autologous plasma spaced 3 weeks apart 

Diagnosis: Eczema

dermatol3 dermatol4
Before After

After two treatments with autologous plasma



l1 l2
Before After

After three weekly applications of autologous plasma


 Aesthetic medicine

Diagnosis:  Age-related atrophic changes in the skin

e1 e2
Before After

After two sets of injections of autologous plasma


Diagnosis: Acneiform rash

ae3 ae4
Before After

 After four treatments performed according to the regimen Hard


Diagnosis: Grade 2 cellulite

h1 h2
Before After

 After six treatments performed  according to the regimen Hard