Plasmolifting™ technology

The development of Plasmolifting™ technology was based on the results of a study carried out in 2003 by Dr. Renat Akhmerov, Sc.D., and Dr. Roman Zarudy, Ph.D. The objective of this study was to investigate the use of autologous plasma injections to treat postoperative inflammatory conditions and atrophic changes. The study was the first step toward developing and implementing a path-breaking technology subsequently named Plasmolifting™.

A year after, clinical studies were conducted, evaluating the use of autologous plasma injections in volunteers with photodermatosis, alopecia and acne. These studies proved beyond doubt the efficacy and safety of treatment with Plasmolifting™ technology for the mentioned indications. Moreover, a significant clinical improvement of the overall skin complexion was observed in all the subjects enrolled in the studies.

In 2003, an article, “The use of autologous platelet-rich plasma for the treatment of photodermatosis”, appeared in the Journal of Regenerative Surgery. In this paper the authors, Renat Akhmerov and Roman Zarudy, described a treatment with autologous blood plasma injections, unprecedented in the international clinical practice.

The unique features of Plasmolifting™ technology called for the necessity of developing and manufacturing specialized vacuum blood collection tubes. These tubes received certification to ISO 13485 and was certified by Federal Supervisory Agency for Health Care and Social Development. Substances contained in Plasmolifting™ tubes allow to obtain high-purity autologous plasma, thus significantly increasing treatment efficacy.